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Hi, I'm Daph. And I'm Josh. Welcome to the Dancing Pen Bookshop.
Color Drawing Of Daph (The Ruby Float)

The Kindle Edition of The Ruby Float is now at Amazon.

Also, Nau! Mission Inspired is available for your Kindle at Amazon. A Preview can be seen at ISSUUIf you go to ISSUU, you can flip through the pages of this most amazing book.

Next, there's Daph, which is about our great grandmother and a boy I don't know. It's a very old story and is happy and sad at the same time. Josh and me found it when we were dusting some back shelves in the bookshop.

The Sunday School Edition of The Ruby Float is also here. To see what's inside, follow the link to ISSUU.

Next comes the first Kindle Edition of Henry Nau's inspiring Legend of the Thirteenth Disciple, followed The Fourth Wiseman and some great poems (An Oath of Christian Knighthood) by our good friend Andrew Cuff.

Color Drawing Of Josh (The Ruby Float)

You might have noticed that everything in the store is a little mixed up right now. Some of the letters are big, some are small, some look different than others. That's because Daph and me are in the process of fixing things up.

For one thing, we're probably going to put bigger pictures of the book covers in the middle and get rid of all the itsy-bitsy letters.

It's going to take a while, because it's only Daph and me doing everything. In addition to this, we might be getting a blog. We're also working on a special Twitter version of The Tale Of The Ruby Float, which we're very excited about.

How can something so small contain the promise of something so wonderful? Discover the answer as you journey with Samantha and Nate into the wonderful world of The Ruby Float.

Daph: I'm so excited. The Kindle Edition of The Ruby Float has just arrived. You can get it at Amazon.com.

Josh: You can not only read the book on your Kindle, you can also read it on your iPad or even on your iPhone. You can see a preview right now at Scribd.com.

Daph: Also, Josh and I get to introduce the book, which is something we didn't get to do in the paper edition of the book.

Josh: Oh, yes, if you have the iPhone or iPad, you'll even see that some of the illustrations are in full color.

Daph: And if you visit our our official Ruby Float Twitter page you will soon be able to see our own very special presentation of the story.
Daph: This is an amazing book. I especially like the part where Henry Nau talks to the blind man in India.

Josh: And the part where his horse takes him into the water and won't leave is also very funny.

Daph: If you want to see a preview of the book, just click here.

Josh: It's the part about the blind man, so don't miss reading it. 

Between 1916 and 1955 large-scale polio epidemics ravaged the nation, killing or crippling tens of thousands of people. The young were especially vulnerable. This story takes place in that time.

Josh: I like this story, especially the bailing out part.

Daph: Yes, and it is a very scary time. I am glad that we are not having to go through such times.

Josh: Me too, though I know that in other lands they are still having to go through very bad things.

Daph: Should we tell them more about what is happening during that time?

Josh: It would be better if they just look at the story, which they can do by clicking here.

Daph: If you need a great book for your Sunday School, this is it.

Josh: And it's absolutely free. It's got lessons galore at the end of each chapter that connect our grandfather's story with stories you can find in the Bible.

Daph: You can get the entire book by going to ISSUU and downloading it.

Josh: Or, if you'd like, you can send Daph and me an email and we'll send it directly to you in PDF form.

Daph: Thanks so much. We hope to hear from you soon.

Josh: This is a very exciting story that is based on a legend from the country of Egypt.

Daph: Yes, it was told by certain Copts, who are a group of Christians in that country.

Josh: The time is long ago, when Jesus was walking with his disciples in Israel, which was called Palestine at that time.

Daph: The story is about a young boy and a Roman soldier who he helps. They see incredible things, which you can see too when you read the book. Right now you can see a Preview at SCRIBD.

Josh: Don't miss it.

Daph: This is the movie that Legend Of The Thirteenth Disciple reminds us of.

Josh: It's really great. If you can't buy it, then rent it.

Daph: I like Orontes. He was very funny. He always wanted to give up the search for Jesus, but Artaban, who is a Magi, wouldn't listen to him.

Josh: That's why it is so much about hope, about never giving up on what is right, no matter what happens.

Daph: Even if you never read poetry, then you will begin to read it if you open this book.

Josh: I especially like the oath.

Daph: Girl's can also take it. It's for everyone.

Josh: What do you think "Beside Myself" is about?

Daph: It is about seeing the other side of yourself. Our visitors can see the other side of themselves if they read Andrew's poems.

Josh: Please do. Just click here.
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