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A Moonlit night. A hidden spot on a slough leading to the sea. Your vessel is preparing to set sail. It's destination? You're not quite sure. But Something goes wrong. Before you know it, the vessel's out of control. You're off and away upon the wide sea with the wind roaring at your back.

You’ve little time to speak with your two shipmates. Their hands are full. They’ve got to bring the vessel under control. Otherwise? There's little you can do but wonder, wonder why they are here, upon the sea, all alone, with you, on a moonlit night?


watch the lightning


WHAT Fellow travelers say

Magnificent! Inspiring! A tale of hope, love, and redemption.

Written in a spirit unmatched since the days of C.S. Lewis.

The author enchants his readers with elegance and grace, while permeating both story and dialogue with critical Christian truths.


And the waves


The moon disappears. The sky grows dark. All through the night the storm rages. When dawn returns you find yourself alone. At home. Where is the vessel? Where are your crewmates?


If you’ve ever read Kon-Tiki, then The Ruby Float is your opportunity to sail the high seas again. In Kon-Tiki, a crew of six grown men journeys across the Pacific by raft in hopes of reaching a far-off island in French Polynesia. The adventure is extremely risky, to say the least.

But what if the raft, a similar raft, were built and crewed by two young kids, a brother and sister with no sailing experience? And what if they were seeking something more wonderful than the crew of the Kon-Tiki, the author of a mysterious message that promises something that seems beyond belief. Which crew would you join?

Of course, if you decide to join our adventurers, you'll need to take along some good books, for you may hit the doldrums and find yourself with nothing to do. Ask any able-bodied seaman and he'll tell you what to bring--The Chronicles of Narnia, The Ruby Float and Theodoras Children (Book 2 in the Tales Of Hope series). And don’t forget to add several bars of tasty white chocolate.

This book is for anyone who loves:

  • Stories with a solid Christian Theme
  • Stories that are Bigger than Life
  • Stories about Courage
  • Stories about Overcoming Fear
  • Stories about Family
  • Tasty White Chocolate

Could they be here?