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Spring. The snows have retreated. Or have they?

On the grounds of a great estate, an amazing birthday party is in full swing. Beautifully wrapped gifts are piled a mile high. An ice cream castle flows with cider. You take a seat to enjoy the festivities. But as you look around you notice something odd. Where are the children?

Only one is there, a young girl. You watch as she hurriedly tears through dozens of gifts, as though she is in search of a lost valuable. But what is she looking for? At last she hesitates. She has opened the last box. Her eyes are focused on the contents. You strain to see what she sees. She takes a card from inside the box. What a strange place for the card to be. She reads it. Then, for a moment that seems an eternity, the earth stands still.



One of the best book’s I’ve ever read . . .Theodora’s Children is a most beautiful Christian allegory. It’s style is reminiscent of C.S. Lewis’ Narnia books. For me, it very much had an air of The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe about it. I was captivated by its beauty and enthralled with its narrative. –Julia Wilson. Christian Bookaholic ★★★★★

“Reading each chapter was much like watching a great movie unfold! I finished reading the entire book within a couple of hours because I couldn’t put the book down! Besides being a fantastic story, I was so pleased that Theodora’s Children had a perfect ending." – Jan I. -- Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

This sweet story of a lonely girl whose only wish could never come true is a lesson in coping with disappointment. When we learn the mystery of faith, we have a Father who never leaves us truly lonely. –Lisa Lickel. Living Our Faith Out Loud ★★★★★

An excellent story for readers who like adventures, mysteries, and learning about God’s love in a way even a child can understand it. A great tale of redemption, love, hope, and faith. –Sally Shupe. Sally Shupe Book Reviews ★★★★★

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Winter arrives early, as it usually does. And much happens at the great estate. There’s a terrible fire. A mysterious stranger leaves footprints in the snow outside the young girl’s window. But you’re not there to see it. You had to return home. But now you’re yearning to return. You’ll need snowshoes, a parka, and a large thermos of hot chocolate. And, of course, a ticket there.