Now you and your kids can hear the complete Tale Of The Ruby float. Told in Episodes by Daph & Josh.

Featuring The Voices Of

Carol and Isaiah Sparkman

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Episode 1-Welcome/Dreams Of A Raft

Episode 2-Why Hank Didn't Come To Breakfast

Episode 3-A Time Of Sadness

Episode 4-The Silhouette

Episode 5-A Message Of Hope

Episode 6-Nate's Plan

Episode 7-Nate And Sam Build The Raft

Episode 8-The Test Voyage Goes Awry

Episode 9-Adrift At Sea

Episode 10-They Set Sail For The Island 

Episode 11-Shipwrecked

Episode 12-Not Alone

Episode 13-A Wonderful Discovery

Episode 14-The Most Important Question In The World

Episode 15-A Very Puzzling Answer

Episode 16-The Breath Of God

Episode 17-The New Journey Begins

Episode 18-The Tragic Farewell

Episode 19-The Letter

Episode 20-Devastation

Episode 21-The Strange Cloud

Episode 22-A Time Of Great Happiness

Episode 23-The Return Home