Legend Of The Thirteenth Disciple

About The Book

World War II–a crew of American flyers are ferrying bombers to the Allied forces in India. Along the way, they touch down for fuel and rest at Khartoum, Asmara, Gura, cities in Sudan and Ethiopia. One of the flyers, an officer, has a conversation with several Coptic priests. The priests recount a tale, a certain legend regarding Christ and a thirteenth disciple.

Years later that same officer, Colonel Henry Nau, recalls the tale and sets it down for all of us to read–the story of a Roman Centurion and a young boy, both witnesses to the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. Beautifully illustrated with the art of Gustav Doré, Alexandre Bida and others.

Book Details

Legend Of The Thirteenth Disciple
Author: Henry Nau
Binding: eBook
Sale Price: $2.99
Page Count: 38

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— Philippians 4:8 —

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