The old man sat in the parlor in front of the fire with the two children at his feet. They had eaten a fine meal and were happy to be indoors, for the winds had brought with them a cool, drenching rain that was coming down hard upon the roof of the bungalow.

“It has been many years since I have spoken to anyone about the Alpha and Omega,” said the old man, “though as you know I have been telling of him through little floats such as yours.”

“Do you work for him?” asked Nate.

“In a way,” answered the man. “You might say that he works through me.”

“I see,” remarked Samantha, not really seeing at all. “Do you have meetings with him? Our dad has meetings. That’s how he finds out what he has to do.”

“You might say so.”

“When do you meet with him?” asked Nate.

“All the time,” answered the man.

“Have you met with him since we got here?” asked Samantha.

“Oh yes. The moment I saw you I said to him, ‘Oh my, thank goodness you’ll show me what to do.’

Nate and Samantha looked around. They found it odd that they had seen no evidence of anyone else on the island. Perhaps the Alpha and Omega lived somewhere in the jungle, hidden under the trees.


•Magnificent! Inspiring! A tale of hope, love, and redemption.

•The author enchants his readers with elegance and grace, while permeating both story and dialogue with critical Christian truths.

•Written in a spirit unmatched since the days of C.S. Lewis.


We’ve all been there–our hearts broken, our lives shattered, our hopes and dreams dashed. Many things can do it–a serious illness, the death of a loved one, a disappointment in life, a divorce, the loss of a job, a rejection. When we’re young the loss is amplified. In a small world everything looks bigger, more immediate, more frightening.

In The Ruby Float two children are heartbroken when they discover their grandmother is dying. Desperately wanting to help, they search for a mysterious person who they believe can save her. With only a few clues to guide them, they embark on a perilous journey, sailing a small, homebuilt raft across a broad expanse of ocean. What they discover changes not only their hearts, but the heart of an entire nation.

If you’re eight or eighty, you’ll thoroughly enjoy The Ruby Float. Parents will take special delight in reading it aloud to their children, who’ll love the many beautiful illustrations by artist Sukwan Myers.